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Elina is an internationally successful model and for the last ten years she has been living as a digital nomad around the world. Elina has been very successful in her modelling career, as her luck has taken her to travel to over 95 countries. On all of Elina’s trips, she has also been the most sought-after influencer by hotels, resorts and holiday companies in their promotional and marketing campaigns.

Elina has been featured extensively on the covers and inside pages of several magazines, including MAXIM, PlayBoy, Bamboo Magazine, Body Fitness, Elle and many others.

On this official website you can find information about me, pictures/videos about me and other news.

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Nyt saat Elina Tervon Playboy tai Onlyfans -fani-tilit erikoishintaan ja näet rohkeat sekä upeat videot ja kuvat Elinasta. Tilatessasi Onlyfansin saat ensimmäisen kuukauden -50% alennuksella vain hintaan 19,50 dollaria (norm 39 dollaria kuussa). Playboyn sen sijaan saat 10 dollarin kuukausihintaan (norm. 20 dollaria kuussa) Etu on voimassa vain rajoitetun ajan, joten hyödynnä tarjous heti. Hyödynnä […]

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